Front View General

Front view on the water

3/4 view on the water

Side view on the water

Side view door opened - on the water

Rear quarter view on the water

Rear view - rear loading hatch opened

Cabin view

Cabin view - with cargo

Cabin cargo view

Cabin view - seats removed

Top view

Top-side view

Front view - parked configuration

Aquila Global Ekranoplans

High Speed Marine Transportation

Our goal is to create a workhorse marine vehicle that can move passengers or cargo at sea with an aircraft speeds, operating under maritime regulations.

Aquila craft is spacious 12 seater high-speed marine vehicle made from the modern composite materials, with a roomy 80” tall x 100" wide passenger / cargo cabin.

Powered by two V12 1,000 hp engines it will zoom few feet above water at top speed of 250 mph on the regular car gas. The optimal cruise speed is between 130-150 mph on 15-18 gph, depending on the vehicle loading. Within operating envelope it can cover 1200+ miles in 5 hours on 100 gallons of pump gas.

Our craft will be equipped with Garmin glass cockpit avionics, dual FADEC engine controls, marine and aviation navigational and communication equipment, including radios, GPS, transponders, aviation weather radar, and marine sonar for operations in the unmapped shallow waters.

Our vehicle can effortlessly glide over calm waters at a minimum altitude of 3-10ft above water surface. In case of a bad weather or a choppy seas you can easily take it higher, as long as you do not cross 500ft MSL* (*this limitation does not apply to licensed pilots).

Ice / Snow Ops – the craft will be equipped with a removable steel skis which will allow users to operate on the ice or snow covered frozen surfaces.

More bang for your buck - No FAA oversight, no need for special certified mechanics to perform maintenance, no need for expensive insurance. Also, there is no need for any infrastructure, you can operate shore-to-shore from the beaches.

Ekranoplans - A proven technology where users can save time and money while moving business at the lightning speeds.

Follow along with the video log that is documenting the process of building the Aquila prototype. Click Here


What Are Ekranoplans?

Ekranoplans are Wing-in-ground Effect (WIG) crafts, a re-emerging technology that provide surface transportation over water with shared characteristics of both air and marine crafts in terms of speed and payload capacity, but with much lower operating costs and maintenance.

Benefits of Ekranoplan Technology:

  • Save Money - Cut operating costs exponentially while transporting more

  • Expedite - Move cargo and passengers at aircraft speeds without adherence to FAA regulations

  • Enjoy - Enjoys savings in operating costs, time and ability to do more business with less efforts

Things To Consider

  • 10X faster than boats

  • 10X as fuel efficient as boats

  • Travels at aircraft speeds without FAA oversight and limitations

  • Can transport 2-3X of cargo by weigh when compared to an aircraft of a similar size

  • Does not need boat marina, airfield or any supporting infrastructure


Key Advantages

  • Door-to-door speed is comparable to air travel for distances between 50 and 350 miles

  • Infrastructure requirements identical to those of boat

  • Opens new niches for regular high speed boat travel

  • Exceptionally friendly to the environment due to low energy use and exchange of fluids with the sea, hardly producing any wake

  • Can be operated with a boat license

  • WIG crafts are recognized universally as maritime vessels for construction, insurance, operator licensing, and registration requirements


Uses & Markets

Ekranoplans are Wing-in-ground Effect (WIG) crafts, a re-emerging technology that provide surface transportation over water with shared characteristics of both air and marine crafts in terms of speed and payload capacity, but with much lower operating costs and maintenance.

Medium / Short-Range Applications

  • Coastal–Any section of 95,471 miles from the official shoreline estimate from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

  • Inter-island–18,617 islands in USA

  • Parts of the world where the sea-state permits–unlimited possibilities for commercial & private usage

Geographical Areas

  • Gulf of Mexico

  • US / Canada regions

  • Caribbean

  • East Asia

  • Mediterranean

  • Alaska

  • Thousands of miles of major rivers on every continent


Principle Benefits

AQUILA GLOBAL AG12 is a highly efficient vehicle able to travel above the surface of water at a height of 2ft – 12ft for most of the time.

The ekranoplan vehicle is intended for passenger and cargo transportation above water surfaces in the coastal ocean zone, rivers, seas and other water bodies.

  • High cruising speed, circa 110-120 knots / 130-150 mph

  • Ability to cover a wide area in a short time

  • Point-to-point speed competitive with helicopter or light aircraft

  • No water contact, no wake/wash, no environmental damage - no disturbance to natural ocean habitat of protected species = access to new tourist attractions

  • Little sea motion - no seasickness = low crew fatigue

  • Good load carrying capacity (similar to boats)

  • High Simplicity

  • Low maintenance

  • Low training requirement

  • Low to none licensing cost

  • Low power consumption - similar to car/truck

  • Low fuel cost – no need for expensive AVGAS

  • Low maintenance – any car mechanic can maintain engines

  • Low licensing and regulations – no FAA regulations and associated costs, maritime rules only

  • Low acquisition cost (will become cheaper than aircraft/helicopter as production increases)

  • Low infrastructure requirements – beach to beach operations are possible

  • One craft could do the work of several conventional crafts

A/G Inc. will be manufacturing and selling to cargo operators specially fitted lightweight shipping containers which can be used to greatly expedite and automate shipping business. With these containers commercial operators will be able to perform unloading / loading cycles faster than they can refuel ekranoplan vehicles between delivery routes.



Exceeding Your Expectations


According to the U.S. Geological Survey there are 18,617 named islands that are part of the United States and its territories. Majority are habitable.

  • Freight/Workboat – e.g. high-value/time-sensitive freight and mail, servicing remote locations, islands, oil rigs, etc.

  • Personal pleasure / recreational / high speed luxury vehicle

  • Passenger Ferry/Water Taxi – services between population centers

  • Tour boat – e.g. able to take passengers from cruise liners to remote destinations in short time

  • Resort boat – ferry passengers from airport to hotel beach

  • Dive boat – reach remote reefs, follow reef activity


Border patrol

  • Anti-piracy

  • Drug-running interception

  • Search and rescue, emergency response

  • Ship-to-shore transport

  • Fleet patrol/asymmetric threat protection

  • Special cover military operations

  • Submarines tracking

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Rear quarter view on the water