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We do not have a flying ekranoplan just yet. Refundable deposits are now being accepted. Deposits are $2,000. Once we start the production it should be flying in about 18-20 months (Late 2021). First customer deliveries will follow about 3-6 months after that. Deposits placed now can expect delivery in about 2.0 years. The longer you wait to place a deposit the longer you will be waiting for you own Ekranoplan.

All deposits are securely held with If you cancel for any reason you will only lose the $65.00 escrow fee. The remaining $1,935.00 will be returned. To place a deposit simply fill in the form on the Contact page, let us know that you are ready to place a deposit and we will contact you.

Ekranoplan deliveries are First come, First served! The prototype should be flying by late 2021. First customer deliveries should follow within 3-6 months. Current depositors can expect delivery in about 2.0 years.

Only two deposits per person. If you have change of mind, you will be able to transfer or sell your deposit position to anyone you like. The person you transfer it to will not be able to transfer or sell it and it will no longer be refundable.

You will be under no obligation to take delivery of your ekranoplan if you are not ready when your number comes up but you will still retain the 'next in line' status until you are ready. When we begin construction of your frame 30% of your ekranoplan price will be due. Once your frame is complete and is ready for engine, avionics and interior a further 30% will be due. The balance will be due upon delivery of the completed machine.

*** Before you do any of this you will need to contact us so we can set up a transaction for you. ***

Feel free to browse this process so you know what to expect.

Escrow Deposit Instructions

Step 1. You receive an email from After contacting us either by phone or email and asking to place a deposit for your Ekranoplan we will set up a milestone transaction for you with Shortly after you will receive an email & SMS from them. Click on the link which will be provided to take you to their website registration page.

Step 2. You are directed to the registration page where you will be presented with a form asking for your details.

Step 3. Enter your details. Company information is not required.

Step 4. Press the Continue button to submit your details.

Step 5. Press the Confirm button to accept your details.

Step 6. Click on the Review link in order to agree to the terms of the transaction.

Step 7. Click on the Agree button to accept the terms of the transaction.

Step 8. Read the terms and conditions - Read the escrow instructions and press the Agree button to accept the terms.

Step 9. Select a payment method

Please choose your preferred payment method. Note that if you choose Check or Money order that your funds will take longer to clear and we will only allocate your position in line once your funds clear.

Once receives your funds they notify us by email and we will then send you an email congratulating you on your position in line. We will give you a position number and welcome you to the Ekranoplan family.

If you have any questions about this process or you'd like to initiate your deposit please call Tim on 347-564-8439


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