Timour Maslennikov

Co-Founder / R&D / Operations

I’m passionate about science, engineering and industrial manufacturing and I find solace and equilibrium in accounting & projects.

Konstantin Maslennikov

Co-Founder / R&D / Manufacturing

Konstantin has a lifetime experience under his belt running own firms dealing with composites & metals in industrial manufacturing.

Daniela Maslennikov

Co-Investor / Representative - Eastern Europe

As a co-investor Daniela represents A/G throughout Eastern Europe. Nothing is impossible if you invest enough efforts to get it done.

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So, who is behind Aquila Global besides the principals?

Since starting out in 2017, we’ve worked with many talented, highly committed  and motivated people on a part time / project / ad-hoc bases, concentrating mostly on the preliminary R&D research and analysis. Some of them are on a "stand by" with us, ready to start on a F/T or P/T basis when we are ready. Read all about the team, and feel free to get in touch with additional questions.


Robert Bleischwitz

Consultant / R&D Engineer (Stand By)

Consultant - Advanced aerospace engineering

Zeymi Hernandez

Mechanical Engineer - CFD and FEA analysis (Stand By)

Mechanical Engineer - CFD / FEA analysis, 2D / 3D modeling ANSYS, SolidWorks and AutoCAD, simulations with MATLAB, Caesar II, Pipephase and HTRI Xchanger Suite.

William Andaya

CAD Designer (Stand By)

CAD design - SolidWorks & Catia

Oleg Magay

Scaled Model Mechanical Engineer

CAD/SolidWorks Designer - Scaled Model Design & Analysis

Michael Jensen

Graphic Designer (Stand By)

CAD & Blender renderings & video compilations

Futurist, Innovator, Pioneer, Practical Engineer.

Remote IT Systems Support (Stand By)

Master of IT security, architect of order in the world of chaos

Sergey Krashenninikov

Representative - Russia & Europe (Stand By)

Sales & company representative in Russia & Europe

Wanderson Malini

Representative - South America / Western Europe (Stand By)

Sales & company representative in South America & Western Europe

Electronics Technician (Stand By)

US Marine Corps Veteran with Electronics Assembly Tech Skills: IPC® & ETA®

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